Bring the outdoors indoors with our TrueFRESH™ Ventilation Systems. It brings fresh air into your house, even if the all the window are closed. It works to recover heat or cooling from the air leaving the house in any season. What about humidity? TrueFRESH also has energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) that kick into gear on humid days, reducing the amount of humidity coming in.

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The TrueFRESH® 150 CFM Energy Recovery Ventilator provides fresher replacement air while recovering up to 70 percent of the exhausted air’s sensible heat, as well as some of the latent heat, by transferring moisture from one air stream to the other. The system draws outdoor air through the ventilator for distribution throughout the house, while stale air is exhausted outside.

Benefits of TrueFRESH ERV:

  • Balanced ventilation with sensible and latent heat recovery
  • Exchange surface: 104 square feet
  • Intuitive balancing via two variable speed motors and an integrated speed control
  • Washable ERV core
  • Tested for cold weather (down to 5°F/-15°C)

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The TrueFRESH® Heat Recovery Ventilator has a streamlined design and simplified balancing so there’s no need for overhead ducting. The ventilator uses the heat in stale exhaust air to preheat incoming fresher air, making it great for extreme cold weather.

Benefits of the TrueFRESH HRV:

  • Intuitive balancing via two variable speed motors and an integrated speed control
  • Great for extreme cold weather
  • Automatic defrost
  • 2 operating modes (Intermittent and Continuous Ventilation)

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