Enjoy the air you breathe. A properly humidified home can help you breathe more comfortably with less dryness, save on energy costs, reduce static electricity, and even help protect your wood furniture.

Honeywell Steam - Humidifier Wichita


Air that is too dry soaks up moisture from everything it touches in your home – your woodwork, wood floors and furnishings – not to mention giving you dry skin, chapped lips and a jolt of static electricity. And air with too much moisture can cause condensation and frost on windows, which can damage your window frames. The Honeywell Electrode Humidifier takes those worries away through humidity levels that are just right. You’ll enjoy healthier conditions, improved comfort and protected furnishings.

Benefits of Honeywell Electrode:

  • Reduces heating bills – humidifier air feels warmer, you’ll be able to cut costs by turning your thermostat down
  • Includes a Honeywell HumidiPRO™ controller that automatically protects against window condensation and frost
  • Auto-adaptive technology in the electrode humidifier adapts to changing water conditions
  • Quiet operation means it won’t interrupt your day-to-day activities
  • 5-year warranty

Steam Humidification Wichita


Evaporative humidifiers work by piping water into the distribution tray located at the top of the humidifier. The water is uniformly distributed across the width of the tray and through a series of outlets. It flows by gravity over the water panel evaporator. Dry, hot air from the HVAC system is moved through the moisture-laden water panel evaporator pad by a fan. Natural evaporation takes place, the water is turned to vapor, and the humidified air is circulated throughout your home.

Benefits of the AprilAire 700:

  • Water Panel Change Indicator
  • Protects Your Interior
  • Relieves Dry Air Symptoms – Properly humidified air also reduces respiratory irritation triggered by low humidity and helps alleviate itchy dry skin.
  • Reduce Energy Costs – Maintaining healthy humidified air during the colder months can actually help you feel warmer, leading to reduced heating costs

Honeywell ByPass - Steam Humidification


Quality and efficiency, for less. The Whole-House Bypass Humidifier delivers the same level of quality that Honeywell humidifiers are known for, but at a more competitive price.

Benefits of a ByPass Humidifier:

  • 12 GPD Output
  • AgION™ antimicrobial pad
  • Manual humidity control

Humidifier Wichita


There’s moisture in the house creating humidity, the enemy of comfort. Maybe it’s confined to the basement, another part of the house or you notice it throughout your home. Our TrueDRY DR90 Whole House Dehumidifier (90 Pint) can remove up to 90 pints of moisture per day from the air and replace it with fresh, filtered air. Maintenance is minimal because the dehumidifier drains automatically. The dehumidifier can help lower energy costs because less moisture means less strain on the air conditioner. You can set the thermostat higher. Once the dehumidifier is installed, you may forget it’s even there. It’s out of sight, out of mind. You just notice it’s more comfortable and easier to breathe.

Benefits of the Honeywell TrueDry:

  • Remove excess moisture from the air, delivering fresh, filtered air in the home
  • Less moisture in the home reduces the strain on your air conditioner and also allows you to set your thermostat higher to run your air conditioner less
  • Automatically drains itself and only requires an air filter to be changed once per year
  • Unlike portable units, Honeywell whole-house dehumidifiers provide unobtrusive, quiet and efficient operation

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